Sunny Henderson, Author

In My World, It's Always Sunny

About Sunny

headshotSunny Henderson is an author with a fondness for Young Adult fiction.  Over the past year-and-a-half, she has written two novels and hopes to self-publish both of them in 2013.

Sunny is married and shares her home with her husband, four boys, three smelly dogs, and a cat.  Or maybe the cat shares his home with Sunny and the rest of the family.  You know cats….

She is a self-professed horse nut and enjoys lazy hours spent at the barn with her family’s four horses.  Her first dream job was “horse trainer”.  In a way, she’s already spent her life as a horse trainer–just not for profit.

Sunny’s day job finds her welcoming babies into the world as a doula (sort of like a birth guide) for expectant parents.  That first gasp of life puts everything else into perspective.

Some of Sunny’s favorite things are foo-foo coffees (especially pumpkin spice lattes!), movie theater popcorn, singing too loud, and Johnny Depp.

What else would you like to know about Sunny?  Comment below and she’ll answer back!


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