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My name is Sunny.

I like to write.  I like to write more than almost anything else, except for maybe a pumpkin spice latte and spending a summer afternoon in the saddle.  Sarcasm is my primary language, with English a distant second.  My love affair with books and storytelling stretches way back before my memories really even have a beginning.  Maybe that’s because I had a story to tell from the very start.  You do, too.

This is my place to talk in awesome, gory detail about my projects and the twisted road I am traveling towards publishing my first few novels.

Eek!  I said it!  Publishing!

It’s exciting and terrifying, all at the same time, but I was born to do this.  If not, at least I can cross “write a novel” off my bucket list.

Thank you  for walking alongside me as I pursue this dream.  I’m ready if you are!

xo, Sunny


12 responses to “Home

  1. storiesworthsharing says:

    Hi Sunny!

    Just popping in to check out fellow sky writer sites. This looks nice!

  2. katiehamer says:

    Hi Sunny,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your stories on the Story Cartel, so I thought I’d pop over and have a look at your blog.
    Nice, you’ve got a lot of ideas in the pipeline. Let me know if you’d like anyone to provide a review/critique.

    I’d love to help!

  3. Hi, Sunny,

    I popped over from the Story Cartel Course. I’m excited to interact with you over there. Good luck with your publishing dreams!

  4. Marie Madigan says:

    Hi Sunny,

    Saw you on Story Cartel as well and decided to pop over. A cheerful place to land on this soggy Welsh day! I look forward to reading your work.


  5. vozey says:

    I’m rea… hold on… *write write write*… OKAY! Now, I’m ready!

    My wife loves romance novels, I’ve yet another one to point her towards.

  6. annepeterson says:

    Hi Sunny,
    I decided to hop over and see your blog. Nice.
    I am also new to Story Cartel.
    I was in your neck of the woods just a few weeks ago as my daughter did Artprize in Grand Rapids Michigan. Not being familiar at all with Michigan it may not be near you at all.
    I look forward to reading some of your work.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Anne! I’m excited for the course to begin and to learn more from each of you!

      Grand Rapids is on the other side of the state, but I attended college there for a year or so. My heart holds a special place for GR!

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